English Intro 2017

Der Geschichtstalk im Super7000
The HistoryTalk in the Super7000

Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von / Translated from German by
Dr. Katalin Morgan (katalinmorgan {at} gmail {dot} com).

What it is about

The German-speaking “HistoryTalk in the Super7000” is a new, interactive conversational web platform, starting on 14 September 2017 which is a new type of “talkshow”. Historians who are experts on various epochs will discuss pressing topics from Public History with members of the public.

We tackle topics from current public debates and probe their meaning and historical significance for the present. Who goes public with history and how? Who are the opinion-leaders of historical consciousness?

We broadcast live on the Net and invite all those interested in history to participate in the discussion on Twitter, Facebook and also long term on our weblog. The feedback from our audience is a central part of the programme.

We do not want to hold a purely academic discussions on scientific questions within a closed expert group. Rather, we want to discuss a range of topics that have relevance for today, from the perspective of professional historians, involving the broader public.

What we want

  • For us, public history is about asking who makes history publicly, how and why – for what kind of future?
  • By “making history” we mean creating orientation in time communicatively, interactively and controversially. Like our broadcast.
  • History is not made by “big men”, which is why half of our discussants will be women who do history at their universities – and they will be talking with you.
  • We want to talk about how the past is treated in public debates, and what effect this has on our historical imaginations.
  • We ask who has the upper hand in determining when the past is turned into history. We want to know whether they are – or should be – historians.

Who we are

The HistoryTalk in the Super7000 comprises the collaboration of very different historians and institutions – first of all the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the School of Education in Basle, and the German Historikerverband.

Georgios Chatzoudis, Moderator Marko Demantowsky, Basel/Brugg-Windisch Antje Flüchter, Bielefeld Achim Landwehr, Düsseldorf Miriam Rürup, Hamburg Eva Schlotheuber, Düsseldorf Martin Zimmermann, München

Dates and topics

Six broadcasts #gts7000 are planned from September 2017 to June 2018. We will open our lines per livestream on Thursday evenings from 20h00, inviting public participation on Twitter in the discussion. Later on our programme will be made downloadable in a video-format and of course it will also be open for comments on our weblog at: https://gts7000.hypotheses.org, on Facebook and on Twitter. There you can also find out more about our project and you will also be able to comment on it. What do you think about our plans and our topics?

  1. Election campaigns as historical battles? Politics seen historically – Thu, 14 Sept 2017, 20h00.
  2. New narratives on trigger? Streamed fiction series – Thu, 26 Oct 2017, 20h00.
  3. All a matter of belief? Certainty seen historically – Thu, 14 Dec 2017, 20h00.
  4. History in campaign? Military traditions out of area – Thu, 1 Feb 2018, 20h00.
  5. History-making on Playstation? Played reality – Thu, 8 March, 20h00.
  6. Final depot for historical consciousness? Sustained ecology – Thu, 7 June 2018, 20h00.

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